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Feel Good Laundry Beads

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Feel Good Perfume / Fragrance Beads In-Wash Scent Booster for daily Laundry & Clothes

Add to the wash for even more fresh scents that you love.

Enjoy smelling fresh for the whole day with your favourite scent on your clothes with Feel Good Fragrance Beads which is a easy add on to your daily laundry. Simply toss the beads into the washing machine at the beginning of the wash.

Feel Good Fragrance Beads are safe for all colours, fabrics and type of washing machines, keeping the colors of the attires and fabrics while releasing the refreshing scent. It is also great for active wear / sports & fitness attires, towels and bed linens as it keeps the elasticity of attires and fabrics while softening and fluffing them
4 different scents:
Rose and Peach (delightful & pleasant)
White Tea (refreshing & soothing)
Yuzu Grapefruit (floral & fruity)
Sugi Cedar (calming & woody)

    About Feel Good
    Feel Good is a local Singapore lifestyle brand that aims to elevate the quality of your life to make you feel good and live better by curating quality products for you

    Usage Instructions

    Half cap for laundry of ~10-12 pieces of clothes (loads up to 3Kg)<br>Full cap for laundry of ~20-25 pieces of clothes (loads up to 6Kg-7Kg)

    Product Ingredients

    Perfume Carrier(PEG-N), Fragrances, Softener, Colorants

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