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Feel Good Laundry Detergent (60 sheets per box)

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Feel Good Laundry Detergent Sheets Super Concentrated High Quality (60 sheets per box) - Natural Scent

This new formulation is effective in removing the stains on your clothes and deliver deep cleansing results, leaving only a mild fragrance for your perfume to stand-out.

  • Light-Weight
  • Non-Phosphorous & Non-Toxic Active Formula consisting of plant based ingredients: Non-toxic active formula is friendly to your skin, and baby clothes friendly too
  • Effective in removing stains
  • Dissolves In Water Seamlessly: Just 3-5seconds to dissolve completely in water and spread throughout the laundry evenly
  • Super Low Suds: Requires little water to wash off the soap suds - Increase the lifespan of your washing machine
  • Eco-Friendly / Biodegradable: Be the Eco-warrior for the sustainability of our Mother Earth

About Feel Good
Feel Good is a local Singapore lifestyle brand that aims to elevate the quality of your life to make you feel good and live better by curating quality products for you

Usage Instructions

For Machine Wash: Put your laundry AND the detergent sheets into the washer. Start the machine. That's it!
For Hand Wash / Pre-treatment of Stains: Put the stained / dirty clothes AND the detergent sheets into a pail of water. Start soaking for 20mins. Rinse and done!

~~~Recommended Usage~~~
1 sheet: ~10-12 pieces of clothes (loads up to 3Kg)
2 sheets: ~20-25 pieces of clothes (loads up to 6Kg-7Kg)
3 sheets: ~30-40 pieces of clothes (loads up to 7Kg-10Kg)

Product Ingredients

Ethoxylated sodium alkyl sulfate, coconut oil fatty acid, diethanolmide, glycerin, dibutylhydroxytoluene, fragrance factor, diaminoethylene tetraacetate, anionic surfactant, avermectin & deionized water.

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