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Maya Chia Straight A Retinol Serum

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Critically-acclaimed, award-winning retinol treatment for natural “wonder” skin

Your skin is hungry, and it has been for years. The fine lines, the wrinkles, the hyperpigmentation and irritation -- these are all its ways of letting you know it needs a higher class of nutrients.

Now you can feed it with perhaps the world’s most evolved formula of retinol (or vitamin A for your skin) -- a formula combining botanical ingredients with today’s most advanced Encapsulated Retinol.

Maya Chia’s “The Straight A” nourishes your skin cells in a way that you’ve never experienced before. And as a result, you will look and feel as you never have before -- with a brighter, smoother, clearer, and effortlessly younger complexion.

**That “earth-healthy” glow **

What makes The Straight A different from any other retinol skincare product is its attention to detail. Most formulations of retinol for skincare contain BHT, a food preservative that should not be in your nightly treatment.

BHT has a tendency to bioaccumulate, or gather inside aquatic organisms over time and it is toxic to them. This should be a major environmental concern for anyone who cares about our oceans.

Encapsulated Retinol is a safe alternative that helps you achieve a healthy glow at the same time as protecting our vital oceanic wildlife.

**An evolved recipe **

The Straight A features a blend of Encapsulated Retinol and botanical retinol bakuchiol and moth bean extract -- to accomplish multiple paths to absorption into your skin.

The signature, award-winning formula brings vitamin E, retinol, and vitamin C together with several all-purpose, nutrient-dense botanicals like chia seed and Buriti oil to create the perfect cocktail of gentle, natural nutrients to accompany the highly potent retinol treatment.

**This sustainable vitamin A and retinol formula:**

Reverses the effects of accelerated aging on weary skin

Feeds and moisturizes skin with a leading formulation of vitamins and botanicals

Calms hyperpigmentation, fades age spots, and softens rough spots

Spurs on the natural production of collagen for overall health and youth

Improves natural blood flow for improved skin tone and natural color
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I am hooked!

I was hesitant to purchase this due to the price, but I think I may be hooked. I got a sample of this through Detox Market to test it out since it is so pricy, which was great since otherwise I wouldn’t;t have even considered it. Unfortunately I think the sample I got was rancid because it smelled sour and weird. I tried it anyway, since sometimes more natural products have a more earthy smell to them. I loved the results, and really what got me was that after I ran out of the sample I noticed a huge difference in my skin—more congestion and I just lost the glow I had.
I decided to purchase the full size, and I’ve got that glow back and my skin is smoothing out again. This bottle smells divine (like roses, but fairly subtle). I have really sensitive skin, and I love that I see results from this but have absolutely no irritation or redness (especially since previous “gentle” retinol formulas still really irritated my skin and caused burning). I’m able to use this every day with no issues! While the price held me back, I find I don’t need many other products when using this, so I can actually simplify my routine and save money that way. Will definitely repurchase!

Wish I tried this sooner

I absolutely love the straight A! I never used a retinol before this product so I had no idea what to expect. I’m 45 years old and let me tell you it’s transformed the texture of my skin. Completely cleared up active blemishes and has lightened age spots to the point I don’t even see them anymore. I just wish I tried this sooner!

Great for delicate skin

This is the very first retinol treatment that I can use daily. My skin is much improved in appearance with a reduction of sun damage spots, and my fine lines around my eyes and mouth are much less noticeable.

Best serum hands down!

I have tried several high-end serums with little to zero improvement. This gentle retinol treatment truly works wonders. I usually suffer from occasional hormonal breakouts and hyperpigmentation. On top my skin is very sensitive. This serum not only revitalized my whole face, I can also go out with barely any makeup on. Truly a magnificent product with beautiful clean ingredients. Also their customer service is just beyond outstanding!!! 10 Stars

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