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reuuse Reusable Foaming Hand Soap Bottle Set

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reuuse hand soap are tablet-based hand soap formulation, which means reducing plastic packaging by over 90%. Not only are reuuse soap tablets more eco-friendly, they are designed to be convenient and cheaper to refill than traditional soap, and easier to store.

This bundle consist of 3 Foaming Hand Soap Tablets and 1 Foam Dispensing Hand Soap Bottle.

Common FAQs

  1. Fill any foam dispensing bottle with 300ml of warm water
  2. Pop the tablet in
  3. Wait for the tablet to dissolve (~20mins)
  4. Dispense desired amount onto palms and start washing

I already own a foam dispensing bottle, can I used that instead?
Yes! We encourage everyone to use existing hand soap bottles. But make sure the bottle you have at home has a foam dispensing pump, or else you are not gonna get that rich foamy lather.

How are the tablet refills packed?
Each of the tablet refills are packed in paper with aluminium lining on the inside to trap the moisture of the tablets.

About reuuse
reuuse started in 2020 in Singapore with a vision to reduce single use plastics in our everyday lives. They believe that daily practices (such as washing our hands to keep clean) should not put a strain on the environment, or our wallets.

What are they doing for the environment?
- Developed soap tables to reduce the reliance on single use plastic
- Tablet refills require 90% less plastic compared to traditional liquid soap and makes reusing hand soap bottles easy
- Each of their soap tablet is also wrapped in sustainable packaging


Usage Instructions

Fill any foam dispensing bottle with 300ml of warm water; Pop the tablet in; Wait for the tablet to dissolve (~20mins); Dispense desired amount onto palms and start washing

Product Ingredients

Aloe Scent; Anhydrous citric acid; EDTA disodium; Glycerin; Polyethylene glycol; Sodium alkyl sulfonate, Sodium dodecyl sulfate; Sodium carbonate; Sodium lauroyl glutamate; Sodium lauryl sulfate

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