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Waken Mouth Wash

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Effective and gentle, this alcohol-free mouthwash freshens breath without the overwhelming feeling of harshness.

This vegan mouthwash is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who sees the benefits of plant-based living.

Made with a blend of sustainable sugarcane and PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic, this pretty pastel mouthwash is certified as carbon neutral and will look beautiful in your bathroom.

✓ Freshens breath
✓ Sustainable packaging
✓ Beautiful in your bathroom
✓ Delicious natural flavours
✓ Alcohol-free
✓ Vegan-friendly
✓ Carbon neutral

Mouthwash with delicious, natural lemon and peppermint extracts provides a uniquely fresh and zesty experience whilst helping to freshen breath. 

Strawberry & Mint
Mouthwash blended with natural, organic strawberry extract and mint extract provides a fresh and fruity experience whilst helping to freshen breath. 

Mouthwash with delicious, natural peppermint extract provides a 
fresh and cool experience whilst helping to freshen breath.


About Waken
Waken born in 2019 is here for one very important purpose: to take care of your lovely smile.  Waken focuses on products that: prioritise  purity over strength, work with  your mouth instead of targeting it, care  for your whole mouth instead of just  killing things in it, and balance what’s good about your mouth with what it might need some help with.

Waken wants to bring about a world of mouthcare that is both gentle and effective. One that also cares more about our planet. Importantly, (perhaps critical to some) a world where mouthcare products are a thing of beauty, something that we would be proud to showcase in our bathrooms.

What are they doing for the environment?
All Waken mouthwashes are carbon neutral - This means that they compensate for the carbon emissions associated with:
• Materials we source and use​
• Manufacturing and transportation to our warehouse
• Packaging used to create our mouthwashes

Waken mouthwashes’ carbon footprint has been reduced through Waken investing in conservation projects. The sum of this investment funds an ongoing rainforest conservation project in Acre State in Brazil.

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